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My name is Juliany Braga! a tattoo and multimedia artist based in Vancouver, Canada. My creative journey involves blending digital magic with traditional artistry, historical elements and nature's beauty. I am involved in all aspects of the creative process, from fun photography sessions and drawings to editing and tattooing. I also have a background in graphic and web design, and business, which complements my professional career and supports my self-employed business.


I started my artistic career in Brazil and now I am located in Vancouver, Canada. I am passionate about creating, tattooing, and photographing, and I pour my heart into every aspect of my craft. I take immense pride in my work and am committed to building authentic connections with all my customers. 


When I'm not busy creating amazing tattoos, I love spending time at home indulging in my hobbies, such as sewing, dabbling in fantasy photography, or giving my space some TLC through a bit of cleaning. I have a soft spot for interior design and genuinely enjoy making my surroundings cozy and neat. 


Apart from my artistic pursuits, you'll find me enjoying peaceful moments with my lovely feline friends, Sage and Rosemary, listening to classical music or watching Harry Potter or some Historical Channel. 


Through my work experiences in Brazil and now in Vancouver, I take inspiration from my surroundings and clients' stories, infusing life experiences into my artistic pursuits. I incorporate whimsical, delicate, and emotional elements into my work to create unique and meaningful pieces.

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My Story

 I started my journey in the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in a simple neighbourhood tucked away in the suburbs. Since I was little one, I found my happy place in drawing and expressing myself through art. Growing up had its challenges – making connections and communicating didn't come easy.

As life unfolded, I was first diagnosed with ADHD and later as an adult diagnosed as autistic, and guess what? Everything I thought was wrong with me turned out to be the very things that make me uniquely me!

After I received an autism diagnosis, it was a game-changer. What I once perceived as flaws in my life turned out to be the very qualities that today I consider to be my superpowers. I've discovered a keen attention to detail, diving into hyperfocus when doing something related to my special interests. My sensitivity extends to sound, touch, and smell, allowing me to feel every needle stroke and work with utmost care. I'm attuned to my clients, sensing their comfort levels through subtle changes in their skin and body language. 

Nature has always been my sanctuary; I find joy in observing birds through my window or witnessing the serene beauty of snow falling on a cold morning. I'm not particularly fond of bustling places or navigating multiple social interactions simultaneously. Instead, I thrive in individual, meaningful conversations, cherishing connections at a deeper level. And guess what? I do love to talk when I feel comfortable and safe in my environment.

Tattooing emerged as my path to excel and thrive, turning the characteristics that once posed challenges into my strengths. It's not just a profession; it's a canvas where I paint resilience, sensitivity, and a deep understanding of human connection.

My special interests blended to shape my professional path and my career and I am passionate about talking about it. Probably not as articulated as I sound in this text ( as I struggle to verbally express my thoughts sometimes) but I had more than enough time to write over and over again here, so, that is it, I think.

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