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I have recently established a policy regarding the release of tattoo designs before the appointment day. I strongly believe that this policy helps me maintain the highest level of artistic integrity and ensures complete client satisfaction. Here are the details of our design release policy:


1. Consultation and Collaboration:

I understand the significance of effective communication with every client to comprehend their vision, preferences, and specific tattoo needs. To assist me with this, I have introduced a detailed tattoo form. I also suggest consultations to encourage open conversations and cooperation between the client and me as a tattoo artist. This helps to ensure that the design accurately reflects the client's expectations.


2. Customized Tattoo Designs:

I am happy to create one-of-a-kind tattoo designs that are customized for each client's needs and preferences. I believe in keeping the design a surprise until the appointment day so that we can present the final product in its intended form, taking into account the customer's input and my artistic abilities.


3. Design Fine-tuning:

I prefer to wait until the day of the appointment to discuss and finalize the tattoo design in person. This ensures that I have the opportunity to work collaboratively with the client to refine the design as needed, ensuring that it meets their expectations and fits perfectly with their desired body placement. I believe that this approach results in a more personalized and enjoyable tattoo experience overall.


4. Protecting Artistic Integrity:

To ensure the security and protection of my artwork, I keep the designs confidential until the appointment. This measure helps maintain the exclusivity of my designs and prevent them from being copied, plagiarized, or used without our consent. It also allows me to safeguard my intellectual property rights.


5. Managing Expectations:

When we meet in person to discuss the design, I can effectively manage the client's expectations. This allows me to provide guidance based on my professional expertise, address any concerns or questions, and make necessary adjustments to ensure the client's satisfaction.


Please be aware that exceptions to this design release policy may be considered on a case-by-case basis, depending on very specific circumstances and at the discretion of the tattoo artist. 


I appreciate your understanding and cooperation in following the policy. My main priority is to provide you with a unique and satisfactory tattoo experience. 


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please do not hesitate to discuss them with me.

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