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Business & Marketing for Tattoo Artists

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If you're self-employed or you work in a shop I am sure there's something for you here. If you started your tattoo career now or you're already established in the industry and you're still working on the old-fashioned way through emails and DM's I have found the tools to optimize your time and put you where you need to be in the industry today to follow with your successful career. In this course, I will not only give you an analysis of the current tattoo scene I will also give you tools and what you need to know to boost your work even further, establish a good relationship with your clients and make sure they refer you to their friends and keep coming back for more and support your art. A little bit about myself, I professionally started in the tattoo market in Vancouver in 2020 and in 2 years I established a solid clientele and grew and keep growing my business and my art. I am not only a professional artist but a businesswoman, who graduated in International Business Management coming from a family of business people. I use those skills in my art career and now I manage to resume my formula in this course, to help you, find or consolidate yourself in the tattoo scene and learn how to sell your work according to the standards of the industry today. Not only that I will give you the tools you need to be independent, and self-sufficient and not rely solely on what a shop can give you. To be in control of your success.




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