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Consult & Book an Appointment

1 Design idea per form | Scroll down to see Important info regarding the booking process

I don't tattoo hands, feet or any area above shoulders. Limited acceptance on cover-ups.

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Help me plan better the colour palette and contrast grade of your tattoo. Based on the chart, write below the base tone that best matches the area to be tattooed:

Untitled-Artwork (62).jpg

Be realistic regarding size ( I can't tattoo a pet portrait smaller than 1 inch) Maximum of 6 inches per design element in a composition, which means ( I don't tattoo one flower that will cover your entire back)

If it is a flash just enter flash name or code*

Style selection:
unnamed (2).jpg

You don't have to be an artist! See example below. This helps me a lot!

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unnamed (3).jpg
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I can create something similar based on the references, but I don't copy other people's artwork without permission. If you want me to copy something the same, you need to get written permission from the original artist or it has to be very well-known and universally published, or free of copyrights.

Preferred day of the week
Preferred time:

Notice: I won't be able to always accommodate the time, understanding that some designs might require multiple hours, so the booking needs to be done accordingly.

Day subject to availability.

VANCOUVER - Waiting List open until July 2024

After receiving your quote, you can pre-book your appointment at your desired date and time indicated below.

One month prior you will receive an email requesting to place your deposit and confirm your appointment time.

You will have 48 hours to place the deposit amount (average $150) otherwise date/time chosen will be available again.

You have to pay nothing to pre-select a date, this is simply to indicate when you're looking to get your tattoo appointment.

If you don't accept the price quote this date and time will be disregarded.

Studio days: THURS - FRI - SAT

Choose a time

Regulations & Policies

Please, take a moment to check all policies linked below at your discretion (full policies under footer menu and FAQ):

  • Guests: Maximum of 1 party (person). If you can, come alone. I can focus better this way.

  • Deposit: Every tattoo appointment requires an $80 - $200 (based on total quote/hours) NONREFUNDABLE deposit, which will be deducted from the total cost.

  • Reschedule: You have a limited amount of reschedules, please check the policies at the bottom of this website.

  • Design: You will be able to review and make small alterations to your sketch at the beginning of your appointment, if you wish to have more input over the design process, please book a design appointment. 

  • Health Safety: You shouldn't get tattooed if you're tanned (self-tanned), under the course of antibiotics, or blood thinners. You might not be able to get tattoos if you have any of the medical conditions such as heart Conditions, diabetes, hemophilia, HIV, Hepatitis, Severe allergies, epilepsy, pregnant or nursing, 6 months or less postpartum, or post-weaning, going through cancer treatments, first contact your doctor. An approved note from the physician is required before the booking, communicate about it with the artist.

Omission and concealment of any health-related information, or late notice of such (on the appointment day) the service may be refused, loss of deposit and based on severity you may face legal charges.

Juliany Braga will not tattoo anyone under 18, even with parental consent.


The artist will review your form as soon as possible.

Please allow up to 2 weeks or more for a response, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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