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Tattoo Artist Hub & Seminars

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What is the Artist Hub? A network space for tattoo artists, apprentices and enthusiasts. This is a resource for professional advice, live seminars, support, and feedback. It is a space to find information to help with your artistic career. Did you start your tattoo journey 3 years ago and are eager to advance and want to meet other artists and be available for an exchange of experience? Or, maybe you can’t afford an apprenticeship just yet, don’t know where to start, and want to meet more people like you. Join The Artist Hub, a space I created to support your artistic career, providing you with feedback, tips, and more. We will host seminars, tattoo Q&A, and Tattoo Feedback and update content info according to your needs. The seminars will be casual meetings where we get to know each other, share experiences on diverse topics, and have healthy group discussions. The tattoo industry can be a bit gatekeeping sometimes; this is my initiative to make things different. You can learn more about my tattooing process, customer service, how to make intentional designs that consider body and flow, information about tattoo apprenticeship, tattoo tips, and more. Whether you're a new tattoo artist, tattoo enthusiast, or considering a career in tattooing, this space is perfect for you. I envisioned this as a community environment and open space for support and conversation. Make sure to be kind and respectful. All seminars and meetings will be hosted on Microsoft Teams. The link will be shared a week in advance. If you don't get the link, communicate at least three days in advance; I won't be able to help you at the last minute. The first free seminar doesn't have a set date yet as we get things started and participants to join, but this is a flexible space where you can select the best date and time.



The Artist Hub, CA$6/month

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The Artist Hub

The Artist Hub

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