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Spring Flowers and Podium

Welcome to the garden!

This is my favourite place and where I find all my creativity! Let's stroll through the garden while we read a short poem or embark on a guided audio adventure; get inspired in the library or stop by the market to pick up a gift! 


I am so delighted and extremely honoured to be able to take you with me on this magical journey. I have this imaginative world inside of me and being able to make it physical somehow and be able to share it with you is really special. This is a place for nostalgia lovers, daydreamers and life romanticizers!

Image by Amy Humphries
Yellow Flowers
Image by Annie Spratt
Short guided Meditation

Short Guided meditation

 join me for a stroll in the most beautiful garden.


Close your eyes and take a deep breath.

Music That
Inspires me

What I listen to, when I am working or creating

A gift for you!

Short texts and poems I like to write

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