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Starting on the 8th of January 2023

workshop Description

In this first full-day workshop, Juliany Braga will explain the basic theory behind the creation process of her colour tattoos using coloured pencils. You will understand the design process, tracing and sketching and to complete, the colouring + basic introduction to colour theory. Basic to intermediate experience with drawing is recommended, but no tattoo experience is needed.

In this first workshop, there's no tattooing involved or use of any tattoo equipment.


- All supplies will be provided

- 6 hours workshop with 1h break

- The skills acquired can be applied to digital and paper-based illustrations

- Art enthusiasts, tattoo artists and apprentices are welcome


Location: Juliany Braga Studio in Gastown, BC.

Availability: 5 seats per class

It is recommended daily practice after this workshop to contribute to your individual progress as an artist.

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